Imagine the end of a sweet long drawn-out evening with your guests. Satisfied with the convivial company and rich tastes of a winter feast, you push the chairs back. You offer a hot toddy as the company creak and settle themselves into deep armchairs. They raise their heads – eyes glowing, cheeks flushed, ready for what you have to offer next. The fire cracks, the mood relaxes and spreads.  You are ready for – A STORY!

Let go, surrender yourselves to the storyteller’s enchantment  – you are in a different realm now. Prepare yourselves for the ultimate treat – no tame Disney tales these – raw and wild, the stories twine themselves into your consciousness and snuffle through your imaginations. Long into the night if you like. So sit back, relax and relish the ride. What better way to keep the chill out for a few more moments and postpone the inevitable dispersal into a winter night?