“Dawn has this incredible gift of being able to transport people out of their current concerns and worries into her imaginative world – very quickly. Once there she engages the audience, weaving them into the fabric of the story, so that it becomes a really vivid experience. She’s a captivating storyteller”.

Darren Rudkin, Founding Partner ‘?What If!’; MD, The Mind at Work.

“I was privileged to experience Dawn tell one of her stories on a beautiful Greek island. The moon was full and the atmosphere bristled as she embarked on the tale of Valemon the White Bear King. Delivered with just the right mix of comfortable narration and suggestive horror, her characters leap out of the dark corners, conjured by her vivid images and beautiful resonant voice. She effortlessly inhabits any creature’s skin – her snaggle-toothed monster was a particular favourite – deliciously frightening and hilariously funny. We were of all ages, but she kept us on tenterhooks for the full hour. Using the audience to make a few key sound effects was a stroke of genius. More please!”.

Alison Goldie, Performer/Facilitator, Director The Drama Business.